Project Nova



This page is dedicated to my project car. It's a 1969 Chevy Nova. I guess this is sort of an unusual project car, because while most Nova enthusiasts choose a 2-door model to clean up, I chose a 4-door. The reasons for this were that I found a 4-door in nice shape at the right price, and I realized that I had never seen a fixed-up 4-door.

Initially, I debated what direction to take the car. Should I try to restore it to as original a condition as possible? Had anyone ever considered a pro-street 4-door Nova?

Following is a list of the pages in this section and their contents:

  1. Background
  2. Initial Engine Work
  3. Emergency Cosmetic Surgery
  4. Time Passes
  5. The Rough and the Rusty
  6. Back In Blue
  7. Imperial Nova
  8. Before and After
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