Web Jedi


Somehow or another you have arrived at the personal homepage of Dennis Murray — Web Jedi, (web designer, developer and consultant), garment decorator, and firearms instructor currently based in Fernley, Nevada — and coincidentally, me.

I registered the domain name a number of years ago so that I could use it for email. Some other (quite villainous I should imagine) Dennis Murray beat me to registering the .com domain name. I haven't done much with the public portions of this site, but it is where you will find my resume (actually my resume is offline while it's bing updated) and a handful of links (one of which goes to my '69 Nova project car).

If you trying to reach me, you won't find my contact info here, but you are welcome to use my contact form.

Not the Dennis Murray you were looking for?

There are a number of other people with names like " Dennis Murray", and from time to time people stumble across this site looking for one of them.

If you are looking for someone else, see Dennis Murray (disambiguation).

Random Thingy

A while back I was playing around with some of the blending effects that were added to Flash a couple of versions ago, and I came up with this thing. It has no particular utility, but I thought the effect was really cool, and wanted to do something with it, so it's been on my homepage ever since.

plasma flies ( < 2kb )